Microsoft SkyDrive

05 Oct

Windows Live SkyDrive

Windows Live SkyDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive is a file hosting service that can be used to store/sync files on cloud.  The files stored here can also be accessed using Web Browsers. The stored files can be accessed by any one with whom they have been shared.  For accessing shared files one need not to create an account on SkyDrive.

Initially it offers 7 GB of free storage.  This capacity can be increased by purchasing more GBs.  The accounts those are older than April 22, 2012 have been upgraded do 25 GB free storage space.

Following are the main features of Microsoft SkyDrive:

  • SkyDrive supports Office Web Apps that is free for individual users.  It supports documents, spreadsheets, presentations and one note documents.  These documents can be created, modified or deleted right from the SkyDrive or for SkyDrive folder on PC.  Any changes done on local version of SkyDrive folder are immediately applied to SkyDrive on web and vice versa.
  • Files stored on SkyDrive can be directly mailed to, or shared with anyone from within SkyDrive.  They can be shared on mails, social networking sites etc.  SkyDrive takes care of security permissions very well.
  • Photo sharing and automatic slide shows of photos stored are only a clicks matter for SkyDrive.
  • Like Yahoo!, SkyDrive also supports files to be downloaded in .ZIP format.
  • SkyDrive also has a Recycle Bin that stores deleted files from 3-30 days.  Within this period they can be recovered if required.  That means if you have removed a file accidently, you have 2 Recycle Bins from where you can recover; 1 is your PC’s local Recycle Bin and other is SkyDrive’s Recycle Bin.  Recovery will affect both the places – your Hard Drive and your SkyDrive.
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