Review of Branch Code Validation in Bank Payment Voucher

24 Jun

Bank Payment Voucher has 2 fields having caption as “Branch Code”.  At back end, one is “Branch Code” and the other is “Shortcut Dimension 1 Code”.  It seems that it may have conflicts but it doesn’t have.  The entries of Bank Payment Voucher when posted, get stored in many tables but here we are concerned with GL Entries only.  To avoid flowing of blank Branch Code, some validation has been put in place.  We have checked thoroughly and found no records with blank “Branch Code”.

The validation checks whether the field is blank or not.  If field is left blank, it automatically picks “Branch Code” of user from User Setup and inserts into the record(s).  If Branch Code in user setup is also blank, it throws an error message.

If user has entered the “Branch Code” that is other than his own “Responsibility Center”, the system simply allows it.  In other words, it allows the selection of “Branch Code” of other unit also.  It is so, so that different “Branch Code” can be selected when entering Interunit Transactions.

Now, if the user having the rights to enter “Interunit Transactions”, enters wrong “Branch Code” in normal entries also, it may get posted in wrong branch and may appear in other unit’s ledgers also.  And, this needs to be corrected manually by ERP Administrator or Technical Support Team member, as may be the case.

Interunit Entries can only be made by authorized users.


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