Using WhatsApp on your Computer

31 Jul

For me, scrolling too much and typing long text on mobiles is very irritating but I love using WhatsApp for chatting and sharing whatever junk I have to share.

I was searching for ways as to how I can use WhatsApp on my computer.  I found a Chrome application ‘WhatsChrome’ that replicates my WhatsApp ID to my computer.

To install it on your computer just open and type  ‘WhatsChrome’ or ‘WhatsApp‘ in search box and hit Enter.

It will display some related apps.  I have tested ‘WhatsChrome’ and ‘WhatsApp Web Wrapper’.  Both are almost same apps developed by different developers.

To use them, you just need to click on ‘+ Add to Chrome’ button and rest everything will be done automatically.  On every run after installation, it asks to scan the barcode displayed on your computer screen.  For scanning this bardcode, open WhatsApp on your phone.  Go to Menu -> WhatsApp Web option.  It will open phone’s camera.  Place the phone in front of the screen to capture the barcode.

Scanning is quick.  Once scanned, it will open WhatsApp on your computer screen.  You may use this app to send and read the messages.

It will keep your phone in sync and for that, phone must be connected to internet.  If you are not connected to internet, you may not use WhatsApp on your computer.




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