Problem Step Recorder

Normally when a person faces some problem and calls to IT executive the IT persons asks for the screen shots.

Screen shots are taken by

1. Capturing the screen using ‘Print Screen’  button on Keyboard
2. Pasting the image in a file.
3. Saving the file.
4. Sending the the as an attachment to the IT guy.

Problem Steps Recorder of Windows 7 makes this task easier and better.

To access Problem Steps Recorder:

1. Click on Start menu
2. type psr. (psr and dot).
3. Press Enter, it opens Problem Steps Recorder
4. Click on ‘Start Recorder
5. Regernate the problem (or do whatever you want), it will capture all the screens and clicks.
6. Click on ‘Stop Recorder‘.
7. In the Save As dialog box, enter the desired name and press ‘Save‘.  It will save the file in .ZIP format.

Now this file can be sent by mail


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