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Create a Configuration Template

You can create a new data template if the default templates do not the needs of your new company. If you are creating more than one, you may find it useful to adopt a naming convention for the Code field.

Create a data template

Each template consists of a header and lines. When you create a template, you can specify which fields to always apply to data of a certain type. For example, you can create different customer templates to apply to different customer types. When you create the customer using a template, you can use template data to prepopulate certain fields.

To create a data template header

  1. Open the Config. Template List window.
  2. On the Home tab, in the New group, choose New.
  3. In the Code field, enter a unique ID for the template.
  4. In the Description field, enter a description of the template.
  5. In the Table ID field, enter the table to which this template applies. The Table Name field is automatically filled in when the Table ID field is set.

To create a data template line

  1. In the Lines FastTab, on the first line, select the Field Name field. The Field List window displays the list of fields in the table.
  2. Select a field and then choose the OK button. The Field Caption field is filled in with the field name.
  3. In the Default Value field, enter an appropriate value. In some cases, you may want to use a value that is not a value that is available in the database. In that case, you can select the Skip Relation Check check box, to make it possible to apply data without error.
    Since the Default Value field does not have a look up to the corresponding Microsoft Dynamics NAV field options, you copy and paste the value that you want from the related page into the template.
  4. Select the Mandatory check box. The check box is informational only. It tells you that information must be entered in the field by the user, but no business logic is enforced. For example, you cannot invoice and post an order if posting groups have not been set up. Since posting groups are required, you can select theMandatory check box for those fields.
  5. In the Reference field, enter information about the field as needed.
  6. Choose the OK button


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