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Undo Sales Shipment

Mandatory Steps: Shipment must has not been invoiced.

1. Go to Warehouse –> History –> Posted Documents –> Posted Sales Shipments.

2. Click on shipment number that has to be reversed, in ‘Posted Sales Shipments’ list and open it in edit mode, by clicking Edit button on Manage tab.

3. Click Functions menu in Lines area.

4. Click on Undo Shipment menu options.

5. Click on Yes button in all the confirmation dialog boxes.

6. Close all the open pages by clicking OK on them.

7. Once done, check ‘Stock Ledger Report batch wise’ to verify the changes done.


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Sales Order Processing

Sale Order is an order document from Marketing department to Materials department.  This document is prepared on the basis of Purchase Order received from a customer.  Customer PO may be in the form of proper order, mail or it may have been received on telephone even.

In our version of Navision, Sales Order process has 2 steps that has to be carried out by Marketing department.  These steps are Creating New Sales Order and Creating Sales Shipment.  Creating Sales Shipment has further 2 steps (Making Order from existing one and Sales Scheduling).

Every Sales Order needs approval from authorized user.  Without approval, sales schedules cannot be generated.   In absence of authorized approver a substitute approver may approve the order.  In order to enable substitute approver to approve the order, it will need to be delegated by ERP administrator.  It is also possible to authorize any user to approve his own orders.  In such cases, orders get approved automatically.

Sales scheduling has nothing to do with current stock at any location.

Open Blanket Type orders remain open till they are closed manually.  Whereas, Specific Blanket Type orders get closed automatically when they are invoiced completely.  Any particular item of Sales Order or individual Sales Orders may be closed or reopened by authorized users only.

Some related reports are ‘Daily Schedule Compliance’ and ‘Daily Despatch Report’.

Click here to download a step by step process flow for this process. (Download link has been removed)

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