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MS Excel files as MS Outlook attachments are Not Opening

One of my friends reported that he is not able to open MS Excel 2013 files from MS Outlook 2013 that has been sent as attachment.  He was not able to even preview it in Outlook.

The error message was:

Microsoft Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory or disk space.

  • To make more memory available, close workbooks or programs you no longer need.
  • To free disk space, delete files you no longer need from the disk you are saving to.

But when saved on disk the file was successfully opening without any error.


The solution to this problem is simple.  Follow the below steps to solve:

  • Open Excel.
  • Go to File –> Options.
  • Click on Trust Center option on left navigation pane.
  • Click on Trust Center Settings button on the right.
  • Click on Protected View option on left navigation pane.
  • Untick all the options under Protected View on the right.
  • Close all the open dialog boxes by click on OK buttons.
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